EcoFurn® is a registered trademark

EcoFurn® is a registered trademark. The registration concerns the name EcoFurn and EcoFurn logo. Registration is valid in the EU, Norway, Switzerland and in the UK. A registered trademark protects the brand and the company and creates trust for consumers and retailers. Every genuine EcoFurn® product signs our policy and is promoting sustainable consumption. An […]

EcoFurn® Peloton – internationalize with us

Is your head filled with green economy ideas? Been thinking of using recycled materials to produce consumer goods? Do you have an idea that is good for humans, society and the planet? Despite your splendid ideas, however, you may find product commercialization, sales, marketing, regulations, finance, maybe also production, challenging? Not to mention getting the […]


EcoFurn® PÖNTTÖ: timeless architecture for birds, goes well in both countryside and modern setting! We have just launched a new product family: EcoFurn® Little friends. First products in the family are PÖNTTÖ birdhouse and ÖTÖKKÄ insect hotel.  Birds play a very significant role in the ecosystem and we must do everything within our power to […]