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EcoFurn® Peloton – internationalize with us

Is your head filled with green economy ideas? Been thinking of using recycled materials to produce consumer goods? Do you have an idea that is good for humans, society and the planet?

Despite your splendid ideas, however, you may find product commercialization, sales, marketing, regulations, finance, maybe also production, challenging? Not to mention getting the product to the international markets!

EcoFurn® Peloton could be the solution to your woes!

EcoFurn® Peloton offers a step-by-step opportunity to implement your idea into the domestic and international markets. Your idea can be a service or a product that matches our values. Although we ourselves concentrate strongly in manufacturing wooden products, your ideas have no material limitations – we are just looking for green benefits.

Our EcoFurn® retailers in more than 40 countries are waiting for new innovations. Their local expertise with their language and sales skills play an important role in the EcoFurn® Peloton concept. We think globally, we act locally.

We at EcoFurn® began internationalization about 10 years ago. We have made a lot of mistakes and paid for them. We have been deceived, stolen from and given empty promises. All this is normal in internationalization. Nowadays, having learnt from our mistakes and with the right partners around us, the situation is different. We have been able to create a concept through which millions of euros of new trade have already been sold to the international market.

So, we are looking for you to fearlessly internationalize with us! You may already have a product, just an idea, or just a vague thought of something better. You may already be making the product yourself or looking for help with the prototype or product concept. You can be a designer, inventor, garage artist or a visionary who already runs a significant business.

EcoFurn® Peloton’s motto is: “More sales – less consumption”. We want to change the world piece by piece by steering it towards more sustainable consumption habits. Join us, ask for more information from Hannu Lehtonen, tel. +358 40 5574998 or hannu@ecofurn.eu