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EcoFurn® PÖNTTÖ: timeless architecture for birds, goes well in both countryside and modern setting!

We have just launched a new product family: EcoFurn® Little friends. First products in the family are PÖNTTÖ birdhouse and ÖTÖKKÄ insect hotel. 

Birds play a very significant role in the ecosystem and we must do everything within our power to help the bird population to survive and to strengthen.

PÖNTTÖ birdhouse is a ready-to-use package for nesting: a smart nesting box, fastening wire and sawdust shavings.

PÖNTTÖ birdhouse features a bunch of qualities for easy nesting: it has a hole of either 28 mm or 32 mm, allowing various different species to choose their home at PÖNTTÖ. PÖNTTÖ with smaller hole attracts for example bird species like willow tit, blue tit or coal tit and bigger hole great tit, pied flycatcher or common redstart. The hole has a metal lining.

PÖNTTÖ birdhouse has a nestling-friendly tilted front wall, a retracted back wall to prevent moisture from tree trunk and a detachable, backwards tilted plywood bottom with a drainage hole. PÖNTTÖ’s roof, back and sides have been treated with environmentally friendly oil for durability and a long life. PÖNTTÖ birdhouse is made of nordic pine board, package is 100% recyclable carton. You may re-use the package e.g. for crafting or storing! More info, instructions and videos, please visit: ecofurn.eu


  • One tiny-sized couple of bird couple with its youngs can eat around 75 kilograms of insects during the summer
  • One covey of pied flycatchers can eat 15 000 insects during a few weeks while living in the birdhouse
  • Are you irritated by the mosquitos? Attach these ecological mosquito traps i.e. birdhouses onto trees! 
  • A birdhouse can offer fascinating entertainment for everyone