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LINSEED OIL for Cutting Boards

EcoFurn® Linseed oil for maintaining wooden cutting boards.

  • Natural
  • Hygienic
  • Protective


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Cutting boards need regular oiling with good quality, food grade linseed oil. Pour oil on a clean, dry board and spread it on both sides with a clean, lint free cloth or sponge. Add oil as long as the board absorbs it. Let dry in an airy space. Your cutting board is now ready to use again. Make sure you wash or dispose of the cloth or sponge properly. We recommend oiling regularly; weekly in professional use, 2-4 times a year in household use and more often if needed.

We recommend: To avoid the possibly problematic disposal of sponges or cloths, try spreading the oil with your fingers instead. Your hands get a nourishing treatment as well.

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