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PÖNTTÖ 28 Birdhouse forest green

Timeless architecture for birds, goes well in both countryside and modern setting.

• ready-to-use package for nesting: contains nesting box, fastening wire and sawdust shavings
• hole (28 mm) with metal lining
• nestling-friendly tilted front wall
• retracted back wall to prevent moisture from tree trunk
• detachable plywood bottom with drainage hole, tilted backwards
• roof, back and sides treated with environmentally friendly oil: long life and durable
• birdhouse (pine board) and package 100% recyclable
• TIP! Re-use package e.g. for crafting or storing!


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The birdhouse must be cleaned once a year, after nesting season. It is important to take the birdhouse down from the tree with its fastening wire, so that the wire will not grow into the wood.

Technical specs

Weight 2,4 kg