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What are the values behind EcoFurn products?2019-03-30T23:27:17+00:00

EcoFurn products are always manufactured to be attractive, durable, fixable and recyclable.

Attractive: We hope people find our designs appealing. Practicality is the key factor. Most of our products can be folded, so they are easy to move and store. Our products are designed for use, not just decoration. They are made to carry heavier weights, they are robust rather than frail. Practical design for everyday use. The honour and responsibility of the designing work lies on our own factory team and wonderful designers outside EcoFurn – Jussi Maula ja Hannu Havusto.

Durable: We use only good quality solid wood to make our products. We will not offer you products made of wood veneer, MDF or chipboard or any other ostensibly wood-like material. The products are designed to endure use, so we don’t slim down the wooden parts at the cost of durability. Before we put a product on the market, it is extensively tested. Maintenance is very important to prolong the life and quality of any product.

Fixable: There are spare parts available for all EcoFurn products. In most cases the damage can be fixed by replacing one small part. With correct care, a solid wood product can be a long-time companion. We don’t believe in the throw-away society and short-lived items.

Recyclable: All EcoFurn products and packaging materials are 100% recyclable. We don’t use materials or components that are difficult to recycle in either products or packaging.

EcoFurn products are made from wood from carbon sink forests, they store carbon effectively.They are friendly to climate and environment, good examples of circular economy.

How environment friendly is the production of EcoFurn products?2019-03-30T22:52:42+00:00
  1. Nearly all of our raw wood material comes to our factory from within 100km. The biggest exception to that rule is real Siberian larch, which is not available closer with the qualities we prefer. We do not use wood that comes from rain forests or has been chemically impregnated. That would be against environment, climate and our morals.
  2. We utilize wood 100% effectively. Sawdust turns into pellets, surplus wood parts into briquets. Bark is burnt in our heating container. Package materials that return to factory are crushed and added to the briquets.
  3. The factory heating is taken care of by surplus wood in the heating container. The container is part of the update and expansion of the factory, finished in 2018 with top level capacity and the best particulate filter. In the next stage, solar panels will be installed to produce energy. Fossil fuels are not used in our factory environment.
  4. Nearly all EcoFurn products are packed unassembled, in flat packs to save space in storage and transportation. Compared to if products were assembled in the factory, we get a 70% increase in transportation volume.That saves a lot, both financially and environmentally..
How do I make sure my EcoFurn product remains good for a long time?2019-11-08T10:16:47+00:00

Wood requires maintenace. Careful cleaning is number one. Tightening and changing ropes as well as re-oiling (or re-painting) are also essential maintenance procedures. See instructions above in the download section.

How do I know what kind of EcoFurn product I have?2019-11-11T08:59:48+00:00

Package label contains information, such as name, material and colour/finish of product. We recommend retaining the label and all instructions given at the time of purchase. Otherwise, please contact your EcoFurn retailer or our factory.

What is a chemical free product?2019-03-30T22:55:12+00:00

We are steering our production more and more into chemical free products. That means products that are completely free of chemical oils, paints and glues. These products are especially intended for people with a heightened chemical sensitivity or allergies. They are also a great base for you, when you want to choose the material or colour of the finish to suit your purposes.

Are the products and packaging materials recyclable?2019-03-30T22:55:48+00:00

All EcoFurn products and packaging materials are recyclable.

What kind of oil can I use to re-oil my EcoFurn product?2019-03-30T22:56:08+00:00

Use a good quality wood oil for outdoor use, with UV protection. Always check that the oil is suitable for your purposes.

Can I get spare parts?2019-03-30T22:56:48+00:00

Yes, spare parts are available.

”More nature, less plastic”. What does that mean?2019-11-12T09:23:34+00:00

Plastic is durable, easily styled and cheap, as well as easy to care for. Plastic substitutes natural materials in many industries, such as textile, construction, furniture and kitchenware. It is used widely in packaging and pharmaceutical industries.

The increasing use of plastic raises major issues regarding climate and environment. With our slogan More nature, less plastic we invite people to consider options for plastic, when ever possible. An EcoFurn product is always a natural alternative.

How does EcoFurn tackle the plastic problem in production?2019-11-12T09:25:16+00:00

Ever since the beginning of EcoFurn, nature has been our guiding light. Along the way, we have taken further steps to reduce our plastic footprint. There are still some packaging materials (adhesive tape, pallet wrap) we use due to the lack of natural alternative. Consumer safety, laws and regulations in logistics necessitate using certain plastic products (oil bottles and pallets used in overseas shipping). Of the total volume plastics take up less than 0,001%.

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