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EcoFurn® is a registered trademark

EcoFurn® is a registered trademark. The registration concerns the name EcoFurn and EcoFurn logo. Registration is valid in the EU, Norway, Switzerland and in the UK.

A registered trademark protects the brand and the company and creates trust for consumers and retailers. Every genuine EcoFurn® product signs our policy and is promoting sustainable consumption. An original EcoFurn® product is always a safe and sound purchase!

Beware of counterfeit products

EcoFurn® products have been copied and counterfeited around the world since the beginning of our story. We are taking action against the violations of our brand and products as best we can.

It is good to remember that the main point of selling a counterfeit product is the slightly cheaper price. Naturally, the counterfeiter has no costs of the product development and product commercialization! Based on the consumer feedback we have received, counterfeits are also made from inferior raw materials: wood oils can be more diluted or they are significantly more harmful for the environment, the quality of rope is lower, wood material has been grown too fast and / or contains branch holes, significantly reducing the product’s life span. There are no spare parts available for the counterfeits and communicating with the seller may be difficult. This is not a sustainable way of making business in our opinion.

EcoFurn® constantly employs 3-4 people in product development and product commercialization. We develop new, practical consumer products with an ecological aspect. Product design is a long and demanding process. On average, it takes more than a year to bring a new product to market, in some cases up to three years. The process starts with the idea, which leads to material testing and selecting a production method and package design, taking into consideration the different requirements in distribution channels. 10-20 prototypes are made and tested for months. A whole lot of different tests are carried out –we test production, sales channel logistics, sales, product safety and so on. Assembly instructions as well as use and care information must be prepared in several languages. Finally we get to branding the product, making the communication plan and implementing it. As a general rule other, often surprising things come along on the way. Getting a new product to market is a huge financial investment for any business!

We at EcoFurn® are committed to creating consumer products that are better options for nature and climate at an affordable price. We produce everyday design for long-term use. Let our products and brand be the signature of that promise.