All our actions and operations are guided by 10 principles: attractive, durable, fixable, recyclable, transportable, commercial, partnership, communicating, international, ever-improving.


We hope the design language of our products touches people. The starting point has been to emphasize practicality. Most of our products can be folded for transportation and storage. The products are always designed for heavy use: they can bear also higher weights and most of them are suitable for outdoor use. Affordable design for everyday use. Our own factory team is responsible for the product design with our head of design Jussi Maula.


We use good quality, genuine solid wood only. We never offer products made of veneer, nor do we use chipboard, MDF or any other industrial board or wood derivative product. We always calculate the thickness of the wooden parts to the maximum – so we do not seek material savings at the expense of the durability of the product. The durability properties of the products have been extensively tested before entering the market. For a long-lasting product, it is important to follow product-specific use and care instructions that come with the package and can be found on our website.


Spare parts are available for most EcoFurn® products. In many cases, the product can be easily repaired by replacing only one part. Properly cared for, solid wood is a long-term partner. We do not encourage throw-away society and one of the fundamentals of our operations is to create products that last for the next generation.


Every EcoFurn® product and its packaging is 100% recyclable. We do not use plastic parts or other difficult-to-recycle materials in our products. All wood parts can be recycled as wood waste, hemp rope is compostable even in home compost and metal parts can be recycled as metal waste. The packaging carton is recycled with the carton waste. EcoFurn® products are highly carbon-binding, environmentally and climate-friendly products and are excellent examples of a functioning circular economy product. The possible plastic packaging material can be recycled with plastic waste.


EcoFurn® products are packed into as small packages as possible. Some of the products are delivered unassembled in flat packs and require customer’s assembly work, some are delivered ready-to-use. We want to reduce the volume of each shipment, specifically at online stores thus saving both natural resources and, ultimately, consumer costs. Durable, protective, material-efficient and easy-to-deliver packaging is the core competence of our logistics. Internationality is obvious for us, and that determines also product and packaging design.


Can an ecological product be even cheaper than a non-ecological factory product? It is difficult, first of all due to the price of raw materials. One kilogram of raw plastic costs a few cents, while one kilogram of raw wood costs almost one euro. However, at EcoFurn®, we are bridging the gap with good product- and production design, 100% use of raw materials, tuned logistics and imaginative communication, and hard work. We actively campaign with our resellers and want our price level to be accessible for everyone. We aim for more sales but less burden for the environment. Without forgetting product quality, durability and long life of the products. Purchasing an EcoFurn® product is always an environmental act.


We create partnerships to achieve our goals. We work with our customers during product development of our brand or of their own product lines. We participate in projects and organizations that promote climate- and environmental friendly options and sustainability. We have created the EcoFurn® Peloton -concept to help other companies sharing our values to internationalize with us. Through good partnerships, we fight against copycats in the form of faceless capital and greedy commercial giants. As a small player, co-operation is the way to make our voices heard!


One of the most important competences of a small business is communicating cost-efficiently. We are constantly improving our communication channels, especially social media channels. We always serve also consumers directly. Need help, maintenance tips, information on the material options that best suit your use, ideas? Or do you have new product ideas or collaboration suggestions? Send your message to, let’s begin a dialogue.


As a small company in fierce competition, we are searching customers around the world. Internationality is the cornerstone of the survival for a small business, too. Our goal and message for the sustainable consumption is global.


Real people are working here – over 40 happy experts. We hate failing and we detest mistakes, but they do happen to us too. Our products always have a warranty and we want you to have a genuine EcoFurn® product that works for you. We have spare parts and advice to extend the life of your EcoFurn® products. We stand behind our actions and products and apologize for any inconveniences and failures we have caused. Even though temporary – we are eager to fix our mistakes!

EcoFurn® products are made of wood from carbon sink forests that store carbon effectively. Products are friendly to climate and environment, good examples of circular economy.

Please take a look at the retailer section on this website to find your nearest retailer. You can also shop at this online store.

Yes we ship all over the world. If you want the delivery outside the EU, kindly contact

Our products are designed in Järvenpää and Tuusula in cooperation with our own factory team in Estonia, our head of design is Jussi Maula. Products are made in Estonia and in Finland.

Yes, you can – in our range, the best options for moist environments are alder and Siberian larch. For humid indoor use untreated alder must be treated with a protective substance, but larch products do not necessarily need any treatment.

No worries, we sell spare parts. Please take photos of the product (one of the whole product and one of the part, mark the part) and send them with product details (wood type and colour, measurements of the part) to your retailer or

EcoChair is meant for all sizes of people. More important than a person’s weight is how a person sits in the EcoChair. One must always sit down nice and slow, never let the weight drop, causing a sudden burden. The ropes must be properly tightened so the wooden parts settle correctly like in the instruction manual

Yes. EcoChair is available untreated in alder and larch. Larch can be used anywhere untreated, but alder must be treated to suit the purpose (outdoor use, sauna, spa). You can also paint/oil an untreated EcoChair with your favourite colour! Remember to follow the use and care instructions.

Yes you can! You can treat your EcoChair with oil, paint, wax or lacquer. Follow the instructions of the substance you use. Contact your local hardware store for advice and equipment.

Don’t worry, the product can usually be saved even when you have neglected it. The product must be cleaned thoroughly with a mild detergent and a soft brush, and if the spots persist, they can be removed with a mold remover. After cleaning, the product must let dry properly. Afterwards the surface of the product can be puffed with a sandpaper if needed. Then the product must be oiled with a good-quality wood oil (for outdoor use if you use the product outdoor), or painted if you wish. Contact your local hardware store for advice and equipment.

No worries, we sell spare ropes. Please contact your retailer or buy here at our online store.

No worries, we sell spare parts. Please take photos of the product (one of the whole product and one of the cracked part, mark the part) and send them with product details (wood type and colour, measurements of the needed part) to your retailer or

Did you tie a knot at the rope ends? Please check the instruction manual here. If you need new ropes, kindly contact your retailer or buy here at our online store.


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